5 Inspirational Christian Quotes on Canvas

The bible holds an array of beautiful, powerful quotes which can uplift and encourage us everyday. Too often, the sacred text within the bible is forgotten about.

Adorning your interior with inspirational Christian quotes is a wonderful way of reminding yourself of God’s eternal light, and facilitating a positive atmosphere which can inspire you everyday.

At Paradise Canvas Prints, there’s a multitude of inspirational Christian quotes on canvas which can enlighten your faith and pave the way for comfort and motivation. 

Adorning your space with inspiring Christian quote prints will additionally strengthen your bond to our Lord and Saviour. Whether you are seeking motivational Christian wall art for your office or biblical canvas quotes for your bedroom, there are many delightful and impactful quotes to choose from. 

In this article, you will find five of the most inspiring Christian quotes on canvas that will make splendid editions to your place of worship, home interior, workspace, and business. 

Types of Christian Quote Art 

Before you delve into different examples of inspirational Christian quote prints, it’s important to understand the different forms of quote art out there. The most popular form of Christian quote art is bible quote canvases. 

These combine biblical scriptures with visually stunning images to form aesthetically pleasing canvas prints that evoke the power of the Holy Spirit and remind us of important Christian teachings. 

The other form of Christian quote art involves inspiring quotes, which relate to Christianity, reflecting the faith, but are not directly taken from the bible. While this form of Christian art may not include biblical scriptures, they still offer the same uplifting effect that bible quote canvas art offers. 

Top 5 Inspiring Christian Quotes on Canvas 

To inspire your interior, discover the following most inspirational spiritual quotes on canvas that are readily available to order today: 

1.  ‘Behold The Lamb of God

This motivational wall canvas recalls the power of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It features the moving words found in John 1:29 which teaches the selfless sacrifice Jesus Christ made, giving his life in turn for humanity's restored faith. 

This unique piece features a noble lion, reminding us that Jesus is  both the eternally strong Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God. 

Inviting this canvas print into your interior will remind you of both the deliverance and victory of Jesus Christ, while enabling you to experience the Lord’s eternal love. This will help you remain strong in your faith, especially during times where you dip into sin. 

2.  ‘God’s Love for You Is Overwhelming

This beautiful canvas will pour positivity into your space. This expressive piece depicts the hand of God reaching down to embrace a human figure that represents all of humanity. Through bold text and subtle biblical writings, this print reminds us that the Lord loves everyone. 

The biblical quote within this canvas print ascribes God’s merciful presence and reassures us that for as long as we maintain our faith and fear the Lord, His lovingkindness (Psalms 103:11) will eternally be ours to reap. 

3.  ‘Jesus, The Joy of My Life’

This vibrant canvas offers a cheerful and vibrant wall decor that is spiritually uplifting. It evokes the joy experienced when we stay true to our faith and trust Jesus Christ. 

The scripture featured in this charming piece, reminds us that we will journey through life and death, like Jesus did, with the Lord as our refuge, providing solace and counsel (Psalm 16:11). 

4.  ‘You Are Extremely Precious to God’

This decadent canvas depicts one of the world’s most prized possessions, a pure diamond, to metaphorically express how important we are to God. This canvas reminds us that we are all God’s children and that our lives are a priceless gift given to us by our Lord. 

This delightful piece can provide reassurance during times of doubt or insecurity, enabling you to be mindful that God loves you, and that you are valued. 

5.  ‘Praise The Lord!’

Bursting with color and positivity, this magnificent canvas won’t just illuminate your interior, but will also uplift your soul! This magical piece reminds us to remain optimistic during dark times, and enlightens us that the Lord possesses the power to transform our sorrow into happiness. 

Hanging this canvas on your walls can encourage you to see the brighter side of things, help you rest assured that God will bring joy back into your life during moments of struggle and suffering. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Best Christian Encouraging Quotes?

The bible has a rich selection of inspirational quotes that have the power to uplift and inspire us. At Paradise Canvas Prints, you will find a rich selection of exclusive bible verse wall art, designed to bring forth the power of our Father, and remind us of our remarkable faith.

Is Art Allowed in Christianity?  

Art and Christianity have a long-standing relationship, with paintings and illustrations being a prominent element of the religion. Throughout Christianity you will find historical murals that reflect the faith and teach us about the bible. 

All of the Christian artwork at Paradise Canvas Prints beautifully reflect the faith, while offering spiritual affirmations that encourage a positive atmosphere.  

Should Wall Art Be Framed?

There is no explicit rule stating that wall art should be framed. However, framing your canvas art can make your piece appear more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. At Paradise Canvas Prints, we offer a multitude of high quality frames in various colors, such as white, silver, and oak, to ensure you choose a framing option that gracefully matches your interior. 

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