5 Tips For Choosing Wall Art That Is The Right Size For Your Room

Embellishing your walls with striking wall art can enhance your decor with vibrant color and effortless style. When curating the perfect collection of artwork for your home, you must first consider sizing.

While hanging artwork is an effective way of livening up a blank space on your wall, it is important to avoid jumping too far ahead without proper planning.

Why Does Size Matter When Choosing Wall Art?

The size of your framed print is almost as important as the artwork itself. A large space can overpower a piece too small, while works that are too large can look awkward in a room too small. It is essential that you find the perfect balance between the two to create seamless harmony within your home decor!

Custom canvas print sizes are a helpful tool for those difficult spaces. Paradise Canvas Prints provide elegant landscape wall art in several sizes to fit comfortably in your home. So, how large should art be on a wall? If you need help finding the ideal size artwork for your wall, continue reading our article for helpful tips and tricks!

1. Consider The Size Of Your Room

The size of your room has a significant role in deciding what size art you should buy. If you find yourself questioning the placement of your wall decor, chances are it needs to be bigger compared to the size of your room!

Purchasing exquisite wall art is supposed to fill up your open wall space, not make your room feel emptier. Receiving artwork that doesn't fit your space can lead to wasted time and costs. Prevent disappointment down the road by planning out the desired location of your print and taking the necessary measurements.

Think about how much furniture you have in your room. A large art piece can bring visual interest to your space and create an eye-catching focal point if you have a more minimal feel to your decor.

Hanging wall art in your home can highly elevate a piece of furniture. Choose timeless artwork that adapts alongside your decor style. Exquisite nature art prints are an excellent option, displaying the everlasting beauty of the natural environment. Hang your correctly sized wall art above your sofa or fireplace mantel to bring a striking statement piece to your decor.

2. Choose The Right Wall Space

It may seem obvious, but it is crucial to decide which wall you plan to hang your artwork on before purchasing it. After taking the initial measurements of your available wall space, it is time to consider the orientation of your art piece.

The placement of your wall art is essential when creating a space that looks aesthetically pleasing. Take into account the width of the wall when deciding on the orientation of your design. Narrow walls are best suited to a vertically oriented piece. In contrast, a large hallway or bedroom wall works well with landscape artwork.

3. Design A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an eye-catching way to fill blank wall space when you have a collection of varying size artwork. Bring classy aesthetics to your interior by designing a gorgeous gallery wall with a complementary color palette.

Create visual appeal by arranging different size canvas prints on your empty wall space. Discover effective gallery wall layouts online to design your own unique art installation in your home!

After establishing your arrangement, treat the group as a single art piece to find the ideal positioning of your gallery wall. Hang inspiring prints with differing dimensions for a unique decorative accent.

4. The Bigger, The Better!

If you have doubts about choosing the right size artwork for your empty wall space, the safest option is to go big! Opt for a large piece that adequately fills your room and creates a gorgeous focal point.

Large wall art appears more impactful when considering the width of the furniture. Choose artwork that is no more than 3/4 the width of your sofa to harness the full effect of its visual appeal.

Aside from working harmoniously with the rest of your interior, large wall art looks incredible. Hang artwork of impressive wildlife or lush forests in your home to step into another world free from modern obstructions.

5. Find The Perfect Height

The size of a piece of art is certainly important, but so is the height at which you hang it! Switching up the height of your artwork can work wonders in finishing the look of your room.

The ideal height of your artwork should sit at eye level. Don't place your wall art too high above the floor, leaving the space below blank. Fill up your space with your gorgeous art prints, and enjoy spending time developing that special touch to your decor!

Choose The Ideal Size Artwork For Your Room

Now you know what you're looking for, it's time to explore your options! Discover an incredible variety of artwork, from inspiring abstract pieces to vibrant floral photography.

Choosing artwork is an exciting part of interior design. View timeless nature pieces with Paradise Canvas Prints and find the perfect print size for your home.

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