Adventures in Paradise

Come with me on my adventures into the great outdoors, and read how my best nature photographs came about. Enjoy the funny moments, share in the amazement and sense the fear. Discover how stunningly fascinating the world is, all around us. Be inspired to spend more time in nature yourself and find great ideas on how to do this.

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Wild Horses - A mustang horse looking over the mountains

RIDING WILD HORSES – The Adventure of Adopting a Mustang Horse

We started one of the wildest adventures in our life: we adopted wild horses in America! For years we dreamed of having a mustang horse in this incredible country with it’s endless horizons, vast forests and majestic mountains. Now the dream is coming true… In this blog you can read my personal story, how I started […]

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Beauty of swans photography

The Beauty Of A Swan

The beauty of a swan is hard to describe in words. It’s something we have to experience with all our senses. For several years I had the privilege of living right next to a park, where swans daily displayed their nobel elegance. Being able to observe them often, showed me there is something very special […]

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beauty of flowers

The Amazing Beauty Of Flowers

The beauty of flowers is a source of inspiration for visual artists and fashion designers All over the world artists look for inspiration, in order to create their best works of art. Finding inspiration can sometimes be a challenge, and some artists are willing to pay a high price for it. Throughout history some of […]

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Nature photography of David Sorensen - Two White Doves Kissing

Kissing Doves

Have you ever seen two doves kissing each other? Me neither… On a sunny summer day I took my kids to a children’s farm. It was a crazy place, full of wild children and noisy animals. Who would have thought that here, in this crowded and loud place, I would take a picture of one […]

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nature images prints mandarine duck

Mandarine Duck: A Visual Masterpiece

Nature is one endless exhibition of amazing works of art As a child I loved to scribble on the walls in our home and on the official documents of my father. My parents realized I had an obvious creative gift, so they soon gave me entire rolls of wallpaper, to express my imaginations. I was always […]

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wildlife animals - deer calf

The beauty of wildlife animals

The incredible beauty of wildlife animals and why we love them so much… The beauty of wildlife animals is amazing…. Not only visually, but the very fact that animals still live FREE is exhilarating. When I heard there are hundreds of wild deer and other wildlife animals in a huge nature reserve close to our […]

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