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Christian Wall Art

Christian wall art that encourages, inspires and witnesses about Christ

Christian wall art can have a deep impact on your life. God can speak directly to your heart through a piece of art that was inspired by His Holy Spirit. The Christian wall art designed by David Sorensen has touched thousands of lives, all over the world. Many people testified how a piece of Christian wall art literally saved their life or how God used this art to heal a trauma in their heart.


Christian wall art - Lion of Judah, Lamb of God

Christian wall art - God's love for sinners


How Christian wall art prevented suicide…

A young man wrote us that he was on his way to commit suicide. He had failed so often in his life and felt totally worthless and empty. He was disappointed in churches and people and made a decision to end his life. On his way to death, he came across a piece of Christian wall art, designed by David Sorensen. This artwork expressed the passionate love God has for us, and it shows us how valuable we are to Him. It touched the heart of this young man so deeply, that he started crying. He was filed with the truth of God’s love for him, and turned around, back home. Later he started a christian ministry among the youth of his community….


Christian wall art - You are so precious to God

Christian wall art - You Are Sublime

Christian wall art - You are very precious to god

How Christian wall art healed a trauma

We also received an email form a lady whose husband had left her. She was devastated and sank into an mental breakdown. For months she received treatment, but it didn’t help her. Then she purchased a piece of Christian wall art and she put it on the wall, at the bottom of the stairway, where she passed by every morning. She wrote us the following:

‘Every morning when I got out of bed, I walked past this Christian wall art and I stopped to look at it. Often I looked at it for several minutes. I must say that this expression of God’s love for me, has healed me more than all the therapy I got.’


Christian wall art - God's love for you is overwhelming

Christian wall art helps us know God’s love

God’s love is the greatest power in this world, and everyone of us is designed to live in this love. Without the love of God we feel empty, meaningless and we seek satisfaction in other things, that will never fill the depth of our heart. God longs to reveal His passionate love to everyone of us, in a way that is much stronger than we all realize. We were created by God – who is love – to live in His love. Yet, most Christians don’t know huw much God truly loves them. We may have the words in our mind, but we don’t feel it in our heart.

Christian wall art lets the truth of God’s love, sink deeper in our heart.

Images communicate deeper to people, than just words. God created us as visual beings, who live according to what we see. That’s why art has the power to shape an entire culture. People act upon what they see with their eyes. Christian wall art can therefor change the course of a person’s life, as they suddenly are confronted with the most powerful reality there is: God’s burning, compassionate love for them.


Christian wall art - The fire of God's love for you

Christian wall art shows us salvation

Christian wall art can also reveal the greatest gift of all, for all of us: God became a man, just like you and me, and He died for us at the cross. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ for mankind is the single most important event in all of human history. Jesus took our place on the deathroll, and bore our sins upon Himself. He literally became the Lamb of God, that is slain for the sins of the world. Thanks to His blood and His sacrifice, we can now be forgiven of all our sins. God gives us His great gift of grace, forgiveness and a brand new life, in Jesus Christ. It’s his greatest expression of compassionate love for all of us, no matter what we have done.

The christian wall art by David Sorensen sow us the greatest gift for all of us: Jesus Christ died as the Lamb of God, slain for the sins of the world.


Christian wall art - Jesus died for you

Christian wall art - Behold the lamb of God

Christian wall art - He died I for me, I live for Him


 Christian wall art encourages our faith

Christian wall art can also bring great encouragement for our faith. No matter how long we have been a Christian, we all go through trials and challenges, ups and downs, and we all need encouragement. The more we serve Jesus Christ faithfully, the more warfare and attacks we may face. In these times it can be very helpful to have encouragement in the form of an inspired Christian work of art. God can really use Christian art to change the way we think and give us new courage and strength to go on.

God can reveal His faithfulness and care for us, through Christian wall art.

Christian wall art can also remind us of God’s great power and glory. Sometimes we are so focused on our problems and the obstacles, but when we are reminded of the great and mighty God we serve, it can help us have faith again in Him, wo will never leave us and who wants to help us overcome the greatest challenges.


Christian wall art - Those who wait on the Lord, rise with wings as eagles

Christian wall art - Trust God

Christian wall art - Safe in God

Christian wall art inspires prayer and worship

Many Christians are so busy and tired from their daily work, that prayer and worship often seems ore like a burden than a joy. Still it is trough prayer that we build our relationship with God, our great Father and Friend. When we enter into His presence through praise and worship, He transforms us, strengthens us and gives us new vision and hope. Only in His presence are we filled with new life, love and peace.

Christian wall art encourages us to spend time in prayer and worship, so we can encounter God and be filled with His Spirit.


Christian wall art - I will pour out My Spirit

Christian wall art - Prayer, praying hands

Christian wall art - Praise the lord

Christian wall art shows God’s power and victory

One of the purposes of David Sorensen’s Christian wall art is to help Christians experience the great power and victory of Jesus Christ. We see so much darkness in the world, and can sometimes be discouraged by it. But through it all, Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings and despite the spiritual warfare, He is building His eternal kingdom throughout the ages. The Bible says that eventually the whole earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the goodness of the Lord. Isaiah prophecied ‘There is no end to the increase of His government and His reign.’ (Isaiah 9:7)

Christian wall art can remind us of the victory of Jesus Christ and His power that is at work in us.


Christian wall art - Jesus is Lord - Lion of Judah

Christian wall art - Jesus Almighty Lord

Christian wall art - Jesus Christ is risen


Christian wall art helps us know God

Through inspired Christian wall art we can gain a greater knowledge of who God is. He is first of all our great and mighty Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth. Sadly many Christians have fallen prey to the phantasies of the theory of evolution, believing the silly lies that we have come forth by chance, from apes. David Sorensen designed several pieces of beautiful Christian art about God the creator, showing the beauty and majesty of God’s creation and giving Him glory for all He has made. These Christian artworks are great for schools or churches, or even for our own homes, to acknowledge God as our Creator, who is full of wisdom and power.

Christian wall art can remind us of who God is: our Mighty Creator


Christian wall art - Glorious Creator


Christian wall art - God is the Mighty Creator


Christian wall art - Who is Jesus, names of Jesus

Christian wall art calls us to a holy lifestyle

When we commit our lives to God, then we become His beloved children. Part of being a child of God, is living like a child of God. God is not like the world, where we live in. He is not perverse, wicked, unrighteous ad selfish. He is the opposite of all that: loving, honest, pure and righteous. As our Father He asks us to learn to live like He is. He is light and calls us to walk in His light, as His true children. There is no greater joy than to walk in holiness, free from the oppression and perversion of sin and darkness. Walking in the light of Jesus Christ gives us great joy and peace.

Christian wall art reminds us that God is holy and He calls us to live holy.


Christian wall art - Holy is the Lord

Christian wall art - Jesus is the joy of my life

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