How Does Nature Enhance Your Well-Being?

Nature Soothes, Nature Heals, Nature Restores

It should come as no surprise that "nature deprivation," often known as a lack of time spent in the natural world, which is mostly caused by hours spent in front of TV or computer displays, has been linked to depression. It makes no difference whether the activity is a walk in a city park, a day spent hiking in the middle of nowhere, or admiring gorgeous painted art landscapes; all of these things are equally relaxing. Spending time in nature has been connected to a variety of positive outcomes. These advantages include improvements in focus, lower stress levels, increased mood, decreased risk of mental diseases, and even increases in empathy and collaboration. Here is a list of ways how nature can nurture us...

Nature helps to keep us connected

It's been shown that cultivating a closer connection to the natural world may boost both mental and physical health, but there are times when we just don't have the luxury of going for a walk in a lush garden. Biophilia refers to the innate desire that humans have to be in close proximity to natural environments. According to the findings of some studies, all it takes is forty seconds of focused attention on a beautiful scene to "trigger the brain into a more relaxed state." This is where nature wall art comes in. We can always bring the wonderful beauty of for example forests and trees into our home, or office, through forest prints and tree prints, as we can see in the image below. The vibrant picture of a majestic tree canopy, illuminated by the sun, transforms the entire room, with an atmosphere of life, hope and other positive feelings. 

Seeing the harmony of nature wall art
helps your brain to rest

A person who spends their time in a concrete jungle is more likely to experience despair as well as the rapid onset of monotony. We have a natural need for new and different experiences, which cannot be satisfied by manufactured situations. They are able to be stimulating and interesting in the short term, but over the long term, they do not provide us with all of the elements that our brain requires in order to experience excitement and novelty.

Enjoying nature's beauty
improves memory and attention

The idea behind Attention Restoration Therapy is that being exposed to natural factors, such as fresh air and beautiful scenery, such as we see in mountain wall art, may help our brains recover from the constant overstimulation they experience in crowded, urban settings. Our brains get "fatigued" when they are inundated with stimuli, and researchers have discovered that natural elements are "especially rich in the traits essential" for our brains to relax, refocus, and be restored when they are exposed to a lot of stimulation. 

The art of nature bolsters your immune system

You're probably familiar with the age-old proverb that asserts "a picture is worth a thousand words." Well, it may also be worth a thousand vitamins, especially if the image is a snapshot of a gorgeous old-growth forest wall art. In this case, the photograph would be very beneficial. Your body will be better able to fight off illnesses like the common cold and other viruses if you have sights of natural scenery in your home or office. The reduction of stress levels, and promotion of an overall feeling of well being, inspired by the glorious natural scenes, can do more for our physical bodies than we might think at first. That's why many hospitals choose to decorate their walls with images of nature.

Office wall art - Photo of a path through a beautiful forest in fall colors

Nature gets your mind back in the game

We often fail to appreciate the significance of our capacity for self-control and concentration. But what is it that enables us to concentrate when we need to? The portions of your brain that are ultimately accountable for your capacity to pay attention are dependent on a supply of energy in order to carry out their functions properly. If you don't give your brain a chance to rest every so often, it will eventually run out of energy. By allowing your brain to relax and recuperate, natural settings assist in the restoration of willpower and concentration. Flower art for example has proven to be effective in helping our nervous system come to rest. Seeing the beauty of flowers has a rejuvenating effect. 

flower wall art canvas print

The beauty of nature lowers depression

Our intrinsic emotional connection, often known as "biophilia," with other living species, such as plants and animals, is compromised when we cut ourselves off from nature. Simply looking at wall decor of natural settings is enough to bring to mind how vast and calming it is to interact directly with the natural world. When we are deprived of the opportunity to see natural beauty, we become emotionally numb. 

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