Living Room Wall Art

Beautiful living room wall art that makes you feel relaxed, and happy. Having the right wall decor can make a big difference on how you feel. Science proves that enjoying the beauty of nature lowers stress levels, and even reduces mortality rates. Treat yourself with living room wall art that will elevate your mood and increase positive feelings. 


Trees & forests

Living Room Wall Art

Living Room Wall Art - dreamy light forest

Nature canvas print of sunlight in forest

Living Room Wall Art -  wildflowers sun rays forest

Beautiful light in forest with wildflowers

Living Room Wall Art -  sun rays dark forest

Living room wall art of sunburst in forest

Living Room Wall Art -  colorful light forest wildflowers

Wall decor of forest with wildflowers

Living Room Wall Art -  artwork colorful forest

Artwork of wildflowers in forest

Living Room Wall Art -  brilliant leaves sunlight

Wall art of beautiful tree canopy

Living Room Wall Art -  narly trees colorful

Artwork of magical atmosphere in forest

Living Room Wall Art -  mighty branches big tree

Canvas print of amazing tree branches

Living Room Wall Art -  wonderful light color forest

Living room wall art of illuminated forest

Living Room Wall Decor weeping willow water nature canvas prints

Photo print of weeping willow near water

Living Room Wall Decor - fall colors aspen trees

Wall art of aspen trees in fall colors

Living Room Wall Decor - sun rays trees forest

Magical sun rays bursting through forest

Living Room Wall Decor - wildflowers landscape forest nature canvas prints

Forest floor covered with wildflowers

tree of life nature canvas prints

Tree of Life Wall Art Canvas Print

Living Room Wall Decor - path forest wildflowers nature canvas prints

Path through forest with wildflowers


Living Room Wall Art

nature canvas prints colorful wildflowers mountain valley

Nature canvas print of colorful wildflowers

nature canvas prints sunny mountain

Canvas print of view from mountain top

nature canvas prints sunflowers mountain valley

Wall art of sunflowers in valley

wild horse mountains nature canvas prints

Living room wall art of horse in mountain landscape

open clouds mountain range-ranch nature canvas prints

Heavy storm clouds over mountain range

majestic clouds mountains nature canvas prints

Majestic thunderstorm over mountains

yellow flowers sun blue sky nature canvas prints

Field with yellow flowers during summer

tree sunset meadow nature canvas prints

Lone tree at sunset in golden meadow

tall grass summer meadow blue sky sun nature canvas prints

Tall summer grass with sunny sky

aspen fall colors snow mountain nature canvas prints

Snowcapped peak with fall colors

colorful mountain valley creek sun glow nature canvas prints

Sunny mountain valley with creek

wildflower meadow mountain view nature canvas prints

Meadow with mountain view

sun rays mountains trees nature canvas prints

Sun rays breaking through clouds

stormy sky mountains nature canvas prints

Dramatic storm sky in mountain landscape

sunrise fall colors trees nature canvas prints

Sunrise over fall colored trees


Living Room Wall Art

nature canvas prints red flower poppy

Red poppy flower in close up

nature canvas prints pink poppy flower

Pink poppy flower with multicolored backdrop

nature canvas prints red pink royal flower

Beautiful red and pink flower

nature canvas prints yellow wildflowers

Bouquet of yellow & white wildflowers

nature canvas prints sunset wildflowers

Wildflowers with a warm sunset

nature canvas prints buttercups summer meadow

Buttercups illuminated by the sun

nature canvas prints white flower green daisy

Close up of daisy canvas print

nature canvas prints flower pink rose

Pink rose macro photo print

nature canvas prints dreamy anemones sunlight

Dreamy anemone flowers artwork

nature canvas prints red pink green poppy artwork

Pink and red flower wall art

nature canvas prints abstract colorful flower closeup

Blue columbine flower art print

nature canvas prints red-blue-green flower poppy artwork

Bright red poppy flower artwork print

purple flower closeup nature canvas prints

Living room wall art of purple flower

daisy blue sky nature canvas prints

Flower art of white daisy reaching to sky

white forest flower nature canvas prints

White forest flower in macro photography

horse wall art

Living Room Wall Art

nature canvas prints wild stallions fighting

Nature canvas print of fighting wild mustangs

nature canvas prints closeup horse face manes wind

Beautiful portrait of horse, wall art

nature canvas prints wild horses mountains

Three horses in mountain landscape

nature canvas prints horses grazing lush valley

Wall art of grazing horses in valley

indian horse pasture sun nature canvas prints

Beautiful portrait of horse, wall art

nature canvas prints big horse valley clouds

Photo print of big horse in the mountains

wildlife wall art

Living Room Wall Art

nature canvas prints red deer silhouet foliage forest

Nature canvas print red deer silhouet

nature canvas prints scottish highlander

Nature photo print of Scottish Highlander

nature canvas prints bison bull effect

Wildlife wall art of buffalo

nature canvas prints doe calf dreamy

Intimate photo of doe with calf

nature canvas prints two young bucks

Wall art of deer at sunset

nature canvas prints deer forest leaves sunlight

Nature photography print of deer in forest

nature canvas prints golden eagle trail camera

Unique photo print of golden eagle

nature canvas prints bighorn sheep rocks

Nature canvas print of bighorn sheep

nature canvas prints running lynx bobcat

Wildlife print of running lynx

bear walking log nature canvas prints

Brown bear walking over a log

white bison nature canvas prints

White bison overlooking mountain prairie

couple deer forest silhouette nature canvas prints

Couple of deer silhouette in forest

buck elk forest nature canvas prints

Lone buck elk in mountain forest

big buck nature canvas prints

Majestic big buck

red deer trees nature canvas prints

Red deer looking through trees

scottish highlander tree nature canvas prints

Scottish highlander under big tree

herd elk grassland mountains nature canvas prints

Herd of elk grazing in mountain pastureland

coyote nature canvas prints

Big, mean looking coyote, canvas print

Bird wall art

Living Room Wall Art

Living Room Wall Art - romantic dreamy image swan

Print of romantic white swan in dreamy landscape

Living Room Wall Art - majestic white swan art

Beautiful white swan wall art

Living Room Wall Art - beautiful swan spreading wings

White swan spreading its wings artwork

Living Room Wall Art - royal black swan artwork

Living room wall art of black swan

Living Room Wall Art - flying white heron photo

Nature canvas print of flying white heron

Living Room Wall Art - couple kissing white doves

Photo print of kissing white doves

Living Room Wall Art - sunset swan water

White swan on river during sunset

Living Room Wall Art -wood duck water art

Beautiful photo print of wood duck

Living Room Wall Art - pimpelmeesje winter

Living room wall art print of blue tit

vintage trucks

Living Room Wall Art

nature canvas prints vintage cars rust sunset

Two old rusted cars with sunset artwork

nature canvas prints vintage car truck 50 chevy

Old vintage car blue chevy canvas print

nature canvas prints vintage cars 50 night moon

Vintage truck fifties chevy by moonlight

nature canvas prints vintage car rusted old paint

Big old truck with rust photo print

nature canvas prints vintage truck signs

Vintage truck with grill canvas print

Why I make living room wall art

The story behind our exclusive wall decor


Have you ever thought about the emotional influence living room wall art has on you? Most people don’t realize it, but home wall decor can have a strong impact on your mood. When your wall art expresses beauty, life and positive energy, it makes you feel better. But if you have the wrong wall pictures for your living room, it can have a negative influence on you. Art can change your life. 

How does your living room wall art influence you?

Not many people think of home wall decor in this way… Yet, it is more important than we may be aware of. When we choose wall art for our living room, bedroom or dining room we must ask ourselves: what influence does this living room wall art have on my emotions? After all, you will be looking at it, every day, for many years to come. Make sure you get a positive feeling when you look at your wall art.

living room wall art

Living room wall art that makes you feel good

Where can you find home wall decor that makes you feel better and happier? The answer is simple: nature! The beauty, harmony and expression of life in nature is unsurpassed by any art man has ever made. Nature provides us with the most beautiful and positively inspiring wall pictures for our home. Many of the most famous artists in the world said they turn to the beauty of nature, as their main source of inspiration. For example the world famous French painter Vincent Van Gogh painted flowers, because they helped him develop a deeper sense for true beauty. The Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian did the same: he made dozens of drawings and paintings of flowers and plants, hoping it would enable him to create what he called ‘universal beauty’.

The beauty of nature does something remarkable to our senses.

It calms us and inspires us with positive thoughts.

Home wall decor that promotes well-being

Science has proven that people who see the beauty of nature on a regular basis are emotionally in a better state that those who don’t enjoy the magnificent splendor of nature often. Many hospitals chose therefor to display images of nature on their walls. It creates an atmosphere of hope, healing and well being, which has a positive influence on the recovery of patients. That’s also why so many people buy flowers as a gift for a beloved one. The expression of beauty in flowers always has a wholesome effect on people.

Living Room Wall Art - Photo of colorful wildflowers in forest during spring

Enjoy the healing power of nature
through living room wall art

That’s why nature photographer David Sorensen decided to create a unique interior collection of his most beautiful nature images. During a very hard time in his life, when he was overstrained, he experienced to his amazement how healing and refreshing it was, to spend time in nature. He started taking stunning pictures of the wonderful works of art he discovered in nature. Many people said these nature images really inspired them, and David learned about the powerful influence of nature on the human mind and body. However, not all of us are able to spend a lot of time in nature. We do however spend a lot of time in our homes and offices.

For that very reason did David Sorensen create this collection of living room wall art. After all, we all know that man is originally destined to live in nature. None of us was ever meant to be surrounded by concrete steel and plastic, all of our life. We suffer when we never see the majesty and creativity of nature. And
we enjoy life more, the more we see the wonderful beauty of flowers, landscapes, trees, birds, wildlife animals, and so on. Beautiful wall art has a harmonizing effect on our mind and emotions.

Invest in living room wall art that makes you happy

It does take an investment though, and this is where some people make a mistake. We all spend a lot of money building or buying our house… which is not much more than a few walls and a roof overhead. Yet we pay hundreds of thousands – sometimes even millions – of dollars for this heap of stones and steel. Once we move into the home, we sometimes forget that we have locked ourselves in, so we can’t see the blue sky, the green grass and the tall trees. We can’t see the birds in the sky, squirrels in the trees or horses in the meadows. We can’t even enjoy the life giving light of the sun… and we stare at blank walls.

Many people just put any picture up against the wall, because they have it. Or because it was a gift from somebody and they feel obliged to put it on their wall. Or maybe it is an old work of art they inherited from their ancestors…. But do we love it? Does it make us feel more happy and peaceful? Does this wall art inspire us? Often the answer is no… We didn’t really think of it this way.

light brown interior

Bring Paradise into your home!

The interior collection of David Sorensen helps you find wall pictures for your living room, that will make you feel better, every time you look at them. This unique home wall decor is specifically created to bring an atmosphere of joy, peace, adventure, excitement, freedom and abundant life into your home. That’s why we called this unique collection PARADISE CANVAS PRINTS. Bring Paradise into your home. Our amazingly beautiful wall art will make you feel happier, guaranteed!

Our living room wall art comes ready to hang

Take some time to enjoy the diverse categories of this home wall decor. All nature images are available as high quality canvas prints with a thickness of 2 inches, and they come ready to hang. No hassle needed! Or you can buy them as a museum quality fine art print, so you can put it in a frame of your choosing.

Our wall art is exclusive for Paradise Canvas Prints and can’t be found anywhere else. This is not the next bulk collection of cliche nature photo’s as you see on so many ‘art’ websites. This is a unique, exclusive collection of uplifting, inspiring and feel-good home wall decor. The very best living room wall art, dining room wall art and bedroom wall art… Choose the designs you like most, dare to invest in your own well being – right at home – and enjoy the splendor of nature in a way you never have before.

Share this with a friend you know would love to know about it. Nature is an amazing gift to all of us. Enjoy it and share this gift with others.

david sorensen nature photography
signature david
Paradise Canvas Prints