Mens Bedroom Wall Art Ideas: Our Top Tips For Styling A Masculine Space

Masculine spaces take inspiration from a man’s lifestyle, combining functionality and practicality with natural elements to create a stylish room with effortless elegance

While many people struggle to decorate masculine bedrooms, there are plenty of ways that you can inject personality and sophistication into your decor.

What Defines Masculine Interiors?

Men's bedrooms often project a specific masculine energy that differs from the feminine appeal. When you think of a man's bedroom interior, your mind tends towards the ultra-modern and minimalist bachelor pad or the dark man cave aesthetic. In reality, a masculine space can offer much more.

The masculine design brings a sophisticated and elegant appeal to your room with sturdy, straight-edged furniture and geometric patterns. Dark and saturated colors give a naturally masculine feel, with dark greens, browns, and metallics providing more interest than your typical black and gray.

Dark wood, glass, metal, and leather are all materials that can give your bedroom a masculine edge. You can contrast these harsh materials with carefully chosen fabrics to add a layer of warmth and coziness to the home.

Accessories can help make your bedroom feel more alive and personal. Dramatic wall art can add a substantial visual impact, drawing the attention of your eyes as you enter the room. Nature wall art offers a gorgeous touch of refinery while keeping in tune with the rest of the room. A stunning view of a vast mountain range on your walls can immediately create intrigue and an air of mystery in the bedroom.

The Best Wall Art Ideas For A Masculine Bedroom

Wall art can add soul to your room, allowing your personality to shine through your decor. Natural imagery is an excellent choice for masculine-themed bedrooms, bringing a sense of wonder and mystique to the space.

Exquisite canvas prints of a beautiful green landscape can inject a pop of color into the room while offering a sensational treat for the eyes. Nature can make the bedroom feel less cold and unwelcoming, harmonizing other aspects of your masculine interior.

Wildlife photography is another fantastic option, bringing the breathtaking qualities of wild animals to your home decor. Refine your space with an image of a galloping stallion, or decorate your walls with a silhouette of a majestic deer.

While a maximalist, eclectic look is reminiscent of a feminine-style room; you can achieve a masculine style by keeping decor to just the essentials. For this reason, large statement piece art prints and posters are by far the better choice.

When styling a bedroom for men, you should keep wall decor sleek and symmetrical to match the rest of the space. While you can add more than one art piece to your space, you should uniformly style them to evoke a sophisticated atmosphere.

How To Make A Masculine Space Feel Inviting

A large problem people have when designing male-orientated spaces is trying to prevent the room from appearing too cold and unwelcoming. Popular colors like navy blue and gray are often a top choice for male bedrooms, but they are hues that can feel dull if not executed properly.

As mentioned previously, layering different fabrics can go a long way in making a room appear more inviting. If you have a masculine bedroom with sturdy metal bed frames and industrial furnishing, soften the look with light cotton bed sheets and linen throws. You can even experiment with various patterns and textures to get your desired look.

Dark hues and warm metallics are a wonderful combination, adding warmth and contrast to your cold color scheme. Add a breath of fresh air to the doom and gloom with golden accessories and copper furniture. Incorporating bright artwork on dark walls can also make your decor pop.

Keep your house feeling cohesive by decorating your office, kitchen, and living room in a similar style. You can keep each room feeling fresh with different color schemes while keeping an overarching style flowing through your entire decor.

How To Find Wall Art For A Man's Bedroom

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