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Colorado wall art brings the stunning fall colors, the spectacular wildlife and the majestic vistas of the Rocky Mountains to your home and office. Colorado is one of the most breathtaking places on our wonderful world. Nature photographer David Sorensen made it his home in 2016 and has been enjoying taking photographs of this incredible state. It keeps amazing him how diverse the beauty of Colorado is and how many opportunities there are to take extraordinary nature photographs.

Bring paradise into your home with this amazing Colorado wall art.

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  • Colorado wall art showing sunrise over the mountains with dramatic clouds

    Sun Rays Breaking Through Dramatic Clouds Over the Mountains

    Can you believe that I really saw this incredible scene? Me neither… I was driving to town, for some regular shopping, when I saw powerful sun rays breaking through the dramatic clouds, that were covering the mountains. These kinds of scenes never last long – usually a few seconds – so I abruptly stopped my car, stumbled out and took this majestic picture. What a privilege to be a witness of this breathtaking beauty. You can now have this majesty in your home, as Colorado Wall Art on canvas print. 

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  • Colorado wall art print of a beautiful sunrise over mountains, with trees in the foreground

    Beautiful Sunrise Over Mountains

    Sometimes the earth can look a little bit like heaven, like this beautiful sunrise over the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo range in Colorado. The tall trees in the foreground turn almost golden in the bright sunlight. Bring this expression of pure paradise into your home or office, with this unique Colorado wall art canvas print.

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  • buy large wildlife canvas prints coyote mountains colorado

    Hunting Coyote In Mountain Valley

    Sometimes the best nature photographs come as gift. This unique image of a hunting coyote in the mountains of Colorado is such an example. One day I was sunbathing on a hill, as I suddenly saw something in the corner of my eyes. I turned my head and to my surprise, I saw a coyote nearby, hunting playfully in the valley. He was completely relaxed and careless, and wasn’t aware of my presence. I quickly ran to the car, grabbed my wildlife photography equipment and was able to take a few amazing pictures of this wonderful animal. I believe this photograph would look great as a wildlife canvas print, in your home or office. Bring paradise into your home! 

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  • colorado wall art eagle mountains valley

    Golden Eagle In Valley Of Rocky Mountains

    Majestic birds of prey like the Golden Eagle have disappeared in many parts of the USA. In the Bonanza valley of the Rocky Mountains however, they still hunt for rodents and can be seen soaring over the meadows and the rocks. This impressive image captures the adventurous beauty of the far west, where wildlife still covers the slopes of the mountains.

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  • colorado wall art of aspen trees on poncha pass

    Aspen Trees With Snowpeak Mountain On Poncha Pass

    When I took this beautiful picture, I wasn’t used yet to the high altitude. So I was gasping for air, feeling weak and vulnerable, as I worked my way up on the mountain. I kept going however, hoping to discover a spectacular view that was worth it. And I did. This stunning image shows the Sangre De Cristo mountains in Colorado, framed by the beautiful colors of aspen trees during fall. If you look closely, you can discern the outlines of a heart, around the mountaintop. This is pure coincidence…. or is it?

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  • colorado wall art aspen fall colors mountain

    Aspen Trees In Fall Colors On Monarch Mountain

    On top of Marshall Pass in Colorado, we could see through the colorful aspen trees and view Monarch mountain. The sight is dazzling, and the bright yellow colors of the aspen during fall, are stunning.

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  • Buy this large landscape canvas print of an aspen forest in bright fall colors, in Colorado.

    Aspen Trees In Fall Colors On Ute Pass Colorado

    The aspen trees explode in bright yellow and golden color, during the fall in Colorado. This aspen forest is found at the very top of Ute Pass, a mountain pass named after the Ute Indians who lived here.

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  • Colorado wal art of dramatic storm clouds in a valley with mountains in background

    Majestic Clouds In The Mountains Of Colorado

    After being raised in the flat lands of Belgium and the Netherlands, it is exhilarating to now live in the mountains of Colorado. One day while driving to town for some regular shopping, this is what I saw…. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such majesty… enormous storm clouds pouring down with rain like a waterfall, opening up to reveal the mighty mountains in the background. Imagine seeing this expression of majesty in your home, as wall art on a canvas print!

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  • Colorado wall art of aspen trees in fall colors, with sunlight and a blue sky

    Colorado Fall Colors With Blue Sky and Sunlight

    After a bumpy ride over a rough mountain pass in Colorado, we came to a spot that felt like paradise. Hundreds of brightly colored aspen trees towered high above us, in the full glory of their fall colors. The blazing sunshine lit up the leaves and the combination with the deep blue sky created an almost surreal beauty. Bring this expression of pure paradise into your home, with this colorful Colorado wall art on canvas print. 

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  • colorado wall art landscape tree valley desert mountains

    Lonely Tree In San Luis Valley, Colorado

    This lonely tree is one of the few in the San Luis valley who managed to get its roots deep enough, to survive in this high desert climate. In the background you see the majestic Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

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  • An open gate invites us to wak among the golden aspens, with a majestic snow peak mountain in the background

    The Open Gate Invites Us Into The Mountains

    The clouds swirl playfully around the peak of Monarch mountain, in Colorado. It’s covered with the first snow in early fall. On the foreground you see the magnificent yellow aspens, creating a bright contrast with the blue colors of the mountain. The open gate invites you to walk into the scene and enjoy this world of wonder. Bring paradise into your home, with this high quality Colorado Wall Art Canvas Print. 

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  • The sun rises over cold mountain peaks in Colorado

    Warm Morning Light Over Cold Mountain Peaks

    At night the mountains get icy cold, but as soon as the sun rises, it casts its warm rays over the peaks, changing a dark world into a place of wonder and beauty.

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  • Majestic View

    Majestic View

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  • Eagle Kingdom

    Eagle Kingdom

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  • Gentle Gaze

    My wife said: ‰Û÷Have you also noticedåÊthe love in the eyes of some deer?‰Ûª I had never consciously thought about this, but when I started paying attention to it, I had to agree. Some deer have a trulyåÊheartfelt gentle look in their eyes‰Û_ like this one.

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  • colorado wall art horses valley mountains

    Horses In Valley Of Rocky Mountains

    Beautiful horses enjoy the warmth of the first sun in spring, after a harsh winter in Colorado. The melted snow has turned the grass green, which is a treat for these horses, after chewing on hay for several months.

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  • Wildlife canvas print - Photo of wild deer in Colorado at sunset

    Two Deer In Golden Light Of Sunset

    Most people missed it… driving home in their cars, with busy minds. But these two young deer were resting in the pasture next to the road. The evening sun casted a warm golden glow onto the scene. I stopped my car, and walked up to them. They stood up and watched me, posing perfectly! Notice how the light of the sunset lights up the flowers around them…

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  • Golden Eagle

    Golden Eagle

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  • landscape prints colorado wall-art-trees sunlight fall colors valley

    Trees In Fall Colors With Bright Sunlight

    The tall trees in Bonanza Valley of Colorado turn almost golden, when the setting sun hits them with its powerful light. It’s in this beautiful environment that bear, lynx, coyote, deer and elk still roam freely, and can be seen throughout the year.

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  • colorado wall art mountains meadow clouds

    Clouds Swirl Over Mountains Like Waves

    It is surreal to see how the winter clouds are swirling over the mountains, like waves of the sea, creating a silver glow over the mountain ridge. The light of the evening sun illuminates the moving clouds, making the scene even more spectacular.

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  • Great Horned Owl

    Great Horned Owl

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  • Autumn Celebration

    Autumn Celebration

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  • Dancing Winterclouds

    Dancing Winterclouds

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  • Golden Clouds

    Golden Clouds

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  • Mountain Elk

    Mountain Elk

    Every year thousands of hunters venture out into the wilderness of Colorado, to kill wildlife. But in Rocky Mountain National Park the wild elkåÊare safe and can be observed by those who leave their guns at home and only shoot with their photo camera.

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  • Not So Far West

    Not So Far West

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  • Wings of Wonder

    Wings of Wonder

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