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  • Buy a large birds canvas print of two white doves kissing

    Two Kissing Doves – Canvas Print

    I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw these two white doves kiss each other. It’s beyond doubt the most romantic scene I have ever witnessed in nature. You can now enjoy this unique sight of pure love in your own home, with this birds canvas print.

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  • Buy large birds canvas prints of a beautiful mandarine duck

    Mandarine Duck – Canvas Print

    My kids came running into the house, while they shouted: ‘Dad, come quickly, there’s an incredibly beautiful bird in the pond!’ I grabbed my camera and went outside…. there it was. This gorgeous Mandarine Duck. A true masterpiece of visual design. For years I had hoped to be able to take a good photograph of this amazing bird. This was my lucky day. And it can be your lucky day, to bring this wonderful beauty in your home, as a birds canvas print 🙂  

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