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  • Reaching for the Sky

    Tall Grass With Blue Sky and Sunshine – Canvas Print

    Landscape wall art of tall grass illuminated by the bright summer sun, with a beautiful blue sky and some white clouds. This wall art brings the feeling of spring or summer in your interior.

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  • The Victory

    Fresh Shoot of Grass In Barren Ground

    Landscape wall art of a fresh shoot of green grass, breaking through the cracks of barren ground. This nature photograph shows the power of new life conquering death. It’s an encouraging image of hope and victory.

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  • Pearls in the Pasture

    Pearls in the Pasture – Wall Art, Canvas Print

    ‰Û÷This is so strange‰Ûª said my 12 year old daughter Shira, ‰Û÷I didn‰Ûªt know dewdrops can be so beautiful! When you see them from above, they look so ordinary, but in these photographs they are incredible!‰Ûª She nailed it. Dewdrops are like little diamonds in the grass. With a good macro lens and a decent camera, you can discover beautyåÊeverywhere. Hidden for the eye, but revealed to those who look a little closer. With these brilliant photographs from David Sorensen you can now enjoy this wonderfulåÊbeauty in your home.

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  • White Daisy Flower

    White Daisy Flower With Green Background – Canvas Print

    When you look at my garden, you see a wildernis of countless flowers, grass and weed. The number of different flowers can be overwhelming. But when you zoom in on a single flower, as I did when I took this photograph, a whole new world opens up. This single daisy flower was lost in the clutter of the other plants but now it stands out, and the surroundings become a beautiful blur of colors and sunlight.

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