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  • Living room wall art - Tree in beautiful fall colors illuminated by sunlight

    Joyful Fall Colors In The Forest – Canvas Print

    This landscape wall art shows a close up photo of a beautiful tree during fall. It’s leaves have turned into a bright color and they are joyfully illuminated by the warm light of the mid afternoon sun.

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  • Nature Canvas Prints - Large Tree Lit By Sun Rays

    Beautiful Tree Lit By Sun Rays – Canvas Print

    Nature canvas print of a beautiful tree with wide branches. The leaves of the tree are lit up by the sun rays. This is an image that symbolizes both strength, life and endurance. In many cultures large trees are a metaphor for life. See for example the tree of life in the Bible.

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  • Explosion of Life

    Explosion of Life – Wall Art, Canvas Print

    Trees are the jewels of a landscape, said my wife recently. I had never looked at it that way. But the more I think of it, the more I believe her poetic remark is true. What would the world be without trees? Like the bare neck of a woman. Still beautiful, but naked. Here you see some of the trees I photographed, in every season of the year.

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