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  • Wildlife canvas print of a deer with her calf

    The Tender Love Between A Deer And Her Calf – Canvas Print

    These wild deer were amazingly close to me, in a Dutch wildlife reservation. While I crouched even closer, the calf ran to its mother for protection. That‰’s when I was able to take this intimate image. Bring paradise into your home with this beautiful wildlife canvas print. 

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  • christian wall art decor canvas - Fire of Gods love

    The Fire of God’s Love – Wall Decor, Canvas Print

    Christian wall decor showing the burning fire of God’s love for you. It’s because of His intense love for mankind that God chose to become man, like you and me, and die for us at the cross. He payed for our guilt and shame, with His very own blood. What a display of intense love! – With Scripture: ‘Love is as strong as death. It’s flames are flames of fire, the very flame of the Lord.’ (Song of Solomon 8:6)

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  • Christian wall art, canvas print - You are precious to God

    You Are Precious To God – Wall Art, Canvas Print

    Christian wall decor showing how invaluable you are to God. In His hands you are like a precious pearl, unique and full of beauty. He holds you tenderly, even through hard circumstances and He keeps you safe. – With Scripture!

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  • Buy a large birds canvas print of two white doves kissing

    Two Kissing Doves – Canvas Print

    I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw these two white doves kiss each other. It’s beyond doubt the most romantic scene I have ever witnessed in nature. You can now enjoy this unique sight of pure love in your own home, with this birds canvas print.

    $130.00$300.00 Buy This Canvas Print

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