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  • Nature Canvas Prints - Large Tree Lit By Sun Rays

    Beautiful Tree Lit By Sun Rays – Canvas Print

    Nature canvas print of a beautiful tree with wide branches. The leaves of the tree are lit up by the sun rays. This is an image that symbolizes both strength, life and endurance. In many cultures large trees are a metaphor for life. See for example the tree of life in the Bible.

    $130.00$300.00 Click Here For Prices and Sizes
  • Dewdrops Like Diamonds

    Dewdrops Like Diamonds – Wall Art, Canvas Print

    This photograph off dew drops was taken with the very first macro lens I ever held in my hands. I had no clue what I would see, but the moment I sunk my knees in the mud and pointed the lens toward the fallen leaves, my heart leaped‰. ‘WOAH! ‰This is art!‰’ I shouted excitedly. A man passed by and asked what I was doing. ‰’I am photographing the most amazing works of art!‰’ I replied thrilled. When he saw the picture on my camera‰’s LCD screen, he agreed. Buy this unique work of nature’s art, and bring Paradise into your home!

    $130.00$300.00 Click Here For Prices and Sizes

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