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  • Tree branches canopy sun nature canvas prints wall art

    Majestic Canopy – Tree Prints, Wall Art

    Tree print of gigantic branches, backlit by the blazing sunlight. This type of canopy shows us the splendor of tall trees, which is why I picked this image for our exclusive tree prints and forest wall decor category.

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  • Pearls in the Pasture

    Pearls in the Pasture – Wall Art, Canvas Print

    ‰Û÷This is so strange‰Ûª said my 12 year old daughter Shira, ‰Û÷I didn‰Ûªt know dewdrops can be so beautiful! When you see them from above, they look so ordinary, but in these photographs they are incredible!‰Ûª She nailed it. Dewdrops are like little diamonds in the grass. With a good macro lens and a decent camera, you can discover beautyåÊeverywhere. Hidden for the eye, but revealed to those who look a little closer. With these brilliant photographs from David Sorensen you can now enjoy this wonderfulåÊbeauty in your home.

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