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  • horse wall art canvas print white aspen trees

    White Horse In Pasture With Aspen Trees – Wall Art, Canvas Print

    This horse canvas print is a taste of heaven on earth. A peaceful white horses stands in a fresh green pasture during spring when everything comes back to life after a long winter. In the foreground are bright colored aspen trees, that add to the feel of paradise. Buy this amazing print and enjoy the splendor of nature in your home, every day of your life.

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  • Wood Anemone Flower

    Wood Anemone Flower – Canvas Print

    After a cold and dark winter the forests explode with millions of wildflowers, that cover the forest floor like a colorful blanket. This is a marvelous image of a white wood anemone, photographed with a macro lens. The bright sunlight shines through the trees and lits up this tiny flower, revealing it’s grandeur. This unique flower canvas print can transform your entire interior, with it’s exquisite beauty.

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  • Wood Anemone Flower With Raindrops

    Wood Anemone Flower With Raindrops – Canvas Print

    Spring is the most beautiful time of the year, for wild flowers. Forests – that are otherwise dark and gloomy – get lit up by thousands of colorful flowers, that sprout up everywhere. It’s as if they were sprinkled around by someone. This is a close up photograph of a white wood anemone, decorated with tiny dewdrops.

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  • White Daisy Flower

    White Daisy Flower With Green Background – Canvas Print

    When you look at my garden, you see a wildernis of countless flowers, grass and weed. The number of different flowers can be overwhelming. But when you zoom in on a single flower, as I did when I took this photograph, a whole new world opens up. This single daisy flower was lost in the clutter of the other plants but now it stands out, and the surroundings become a beautiful blur of colors and sunlight.

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