ELK WALL ART – Herd of wild elk running in the mountains

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“The canvas prints are absolutely perfect and look sharp, colorful and amazing! Really enjoy it. Thank you!”

- Jonathan Rohrlach, Australia

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- Alyssa Brown, USA

“I am very pleased with the canvas. It exudes peace, light and beauty. Your service and attention to satisfy your clients is exceptional.”

- Vicky Hurlbut, USA

“Having this canvas print on my wall is like looking at the most glorious view outside, through a window.”

- Veronica Wilson, United Kingdom

Elk Wall Art

This elk wall art tells a story of a Dutch nature photographer who discovered the wilderness of the United States.

When we moved to Colorado, I loved scouting the wilderness, looking for wildlife. Coming from a very crowded Netherlands and Belgium (where I was born) it was thrilling to live in an area where wild animals roam the landscape. I had bought my very first 4X4 vehicle and enjoyed how I was able to bust my way through mud, dirt and over rocks. It’s during one of these very first field trips that I drove very close to the foothills of the majestic Sangre De Cristo mountain range, in Southern Colorado. I couldn’t see the houses in the valley anymore and the mountains towered high above me, like enormous giants.

How this elk wall art came about

Suddenly I saw tiny dots in the distance, that didn’t look like trees. I decided to park my car and slowly walk closer. With my wildlife photography equipment ready, I creeped closer and closer and soon felt adrenaline rush through my body. Right there in front of me, was a herd of the infamous elk. Experienced hunters spend days and weeks, trying to find these herds, and here I was, a total novice, so close to these wild deer.

At first they stayed calm and peaceful, and I began taking some pictures. But as a wildlife photographer you also want to get closer. So I began crawling over the rough landscape, trying to avoid being perforated by the hidden cactuses. When I knew I was close enough, I rose up and began taking even more beautiful pictures of this gorgeous wildlife. Of course the elk noticed me and the leaders began moving away, first slowly, then a little faster, until the entire herd was in a gallop.

I wasn’t disappointed, because seeing these wonderful animals run free, with the breathtaking mountains in the backdrop, was a site to behold. The trees still had some of their bright fall colors, which made this image even more gorgeous. Coming from a nation where millions of people are packed together, with highways zigzagging most of the scenery, this was an amazing experience. I hope you like the photograph that came out of this experience.

The high quality of this elk metal wall art

This elk wall art is available can be printed on canvas, metal or wood in different sizes. You can order it as a beautiful stretched canvas print that needs no framing. Or buy a metallic print with a smooth, modernistic look (elk metal wall art). Or select a fine art poster print that you can frame according to your own preference. We offer long lasting high quality printing, deep colors, secure payment, fast shipping and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Photographed by nature photographer David Sorensen.

Bring paradise into your home with this beautiful elk wall art! 

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Should you buy a small or large canvas print?


nature photo canvas print

When we are looking at buying living room wall art, we wonder: in what size shall I buy it?

Large wall art is more expensive, so we may be tempted to pick a smaller size canvas print. But it is good to realize WHY we are buying home wall decor with a nature photo. We buy them because we want to enjoy the beauty of paradise in our home! Therefor we want to have maximum display of beauty. The impact of a really large print is priceless. It brings far more pleasure, for many years. It’s a one time investment, but the reward is daily enjoyment of a wonderful expression of the most inspiring beauty there is.

A canvas print is like a window to nature. The larger the window, the more you see and enjoy.

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See the difference between large and small wall art!
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A large canvas print can completely change the look and feel of an entire room. The beauty of the nature image radiates into your entire living space. It changes the look completely. A smaller print has far less impact on the atmosphere of the room. So although larger home wall decor costs more, you will enjoy it far more, during the years to come.

Large wall art brings much more joy!

happy large canvas prints

How living room wall art can make you happy…

Invest in living room wall art that makes you feel happier. The home wall decor you are using in your dining room, bedroom and living room has a big influence on your mood. After all, you look at your wall art every day, for many years. The living room wall art by Paradise Canvas Prints is unique in it’s ability to lift your spirit and inspire you with positive feelings. Science proves that seeing the beauty of nature has a healing effect on our mind and emotions. It soothes us, gives a sense of hope and life and it radiates positive energy.

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Your Paradise Canvas Print is handcrafted especially for you, by a specialized company in the USA. This takes a few days, so please allow up to 7 business days for your artwork to arrive. It comes ready to hang, so you can enjoy it right away.

100% Guarantee

The canvas prints are shipped in strong and durable boxes, that ensure safe delivery. In the rare case of a damaged shipment, you get a free replacement. But normally all prints arrive in perfect condition.

Ask a question

If you have questions, send us an email at [email protected] Or fill out this form. You may also call David Sorensen at: +1 (719) 207-3105


Your exclusive Paradise Canvas Print is manually crafted by an expert, specifically for you. This is a unique process that requires experience and skill. Your artwork is checked throughout the entire production process, to maintain top quality. This results in a true work of art that you will enjoy for many years.


Your wall art will be printed using the latest printing technologies, to ensure bright, deep colors and sharp images with great detail. The canvas print is coated with an UV protection coating, to ensure durability. Thanks to this technology your print will last for a long time, maintaining it’s superb look.


The great thing about Paradise Canvas Prints is that you don’t need to purchase an additional expensive frame, before you can enjoy your stunning wall art. In many cases a frame even distracts from the beauty of the image. To make things worse the glass reflects the light, making it hard to see what’s actually in the frame. With Paradise Canvas Prints you can hang your wall art on the wall as it is. No glass hinders the viewing of the picture and no frame interferes with it. All the attention goes to the image you love so much, no matter from what angle you look at it. The print is coated, so you can gently wash it to remove dust, if you like.


We want you to be really happy with your unique Paradise Canvas Print, therefor we give you the peace of mind that in the rare case of a damaged shipment or an overlooked error in the print, you receive a free return or your money back. This however happens very rarely, because of our close attention to ensure the highest quality. We strive to make you happy with our ‘no hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee’. This is what a customer wrote about our service:

“Your service and attention to satisfy your clients is exceptional.”
– Vicky Hurlbut, USA

Paradise Canvas Prints

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