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Jesus Christ is Lord – Wall Art, Canvas Print


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Beautiful Christian wall art designed by David Sorensen, to help you experience the greatness, goodness and faithfulness of God, every day of your life. This Christian wall decor is also perfect to witness to others about the great love of Jesus Christ for them. Ideal for your home, office, churches, youth groups and schools.

This wall art is exclusive for Paradise Canvas Prints and can only be ordered here! Your canvas print will be handcrafted especially for you, on high quality stretched canvas. It comes ready to hang. No framing needed.

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Christian Wall Decor
Jesus Christ is Lord

Christian wall decor about the eternal lordship of Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings and Lord of lords. The lion is used in Scripture as a type for Jesus as King. He has been exalted as the highest name, in heaven and earth.

This Christian wall art is available as canvas print and fine art print, in different sizes and finishings. High quality printing, deep colors, secure payment, free shipping and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Designed by Christian artist David Sorensen.

Experience the love and goodness of God with this Christian wall art decor 

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Should you buy a small or large canvas print?


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When we are looking at buying living room wall art, we wonder: in what size shall I buy it?

Large wall art is more expensive, so we may be tempted to pick a smaller size canvas print. But it is good to realize WHY we are buying home wall decor with a nature photo. We buy them because we want to enjoy the beauty of paradise in our home! Therefor we want to have maximum display of beauty. The impact of a really large print is priceless. It brings far more pleasure, for many years. It’s a one time investment, but the reward is daily enjoyment of a wonderful expression of the most inspiring beauty there is.

A canvas print is like a window to nature. The larger the window, the more you see and enjoy.

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See the difference between large and small wall art!
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A large canvas print can completely change the look and feel of an entire room. The beauty of the nature image radiates into your entire living space. It changes the look completely. A smaller print has far less impact on the atmosphere of the room. So although larger home wall decor costs more, you will enjoy it far more, during the years to come.

Large wall art brings much more joy!

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How living room wall art can make you happy…

Invest in living room wall art that makes you feel happier. The home wall decor you are using in your dining room, bedroom and living room has a big influence on your mood. After all, you look at your wall art every day, for many years. The living room wall art by Paradise Canvas Prints is unique in it’s ability to lift your spirit and inspire you with positive feelings. Science proves that seeing the beauty of nature has a healing effect on our mind and emotions. It soothes us, gives a sense of hope and life and it radiates positive energy.

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Your Paradise Canvas Print is handcrafted especially for you, by a specialized company in the USA. This takes a few days, so please allow up to 7 business days for your artwork to arrive. It comes ready to hang, so you can enjoy it right away.

100% Guarantee

The canvas prints are shipped in strong and durable boxes, that ensure safe delivery. In the rare case of a damaged shipment, you get a free replacement. But normally all prints arrive in perfect condition.

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