Old Car Wall Art – Vintage American Truck In Moonlight

Old Car Wall Art - Vintage American Truck In Moonlight
Old Car Wall Art - Vintage American Truck In Moonlight Single man on a sofa with wall art of an old car Living room wall art, showing a beautiful old Americam car Office interior with old car wall art Living room wall art, showing an old car in the moonlight Stretched canvas wall art, showing an old car in the moonlight Bedroom wall art. Print of an old car in the moonlight


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Old Car Wall Art
Vintage American Truck In Moonlight

This old car wall art is truly unique. An abandoned American truck that once served on a Colorado ranch now decorates the mountain landscape. The bright moonlight shines through its windows, while the car casts a dark shadow on the tall grass. In the background white clouds are moving fast, driven by the icy wind over the mountains of the continental divide. This is a very special picture.

How this old car wall art came about…

As a landscape and nature photographer I always keep my eyes open, for unexpected jewels, that suddenly can come into view. One night I was driving home, from the cozy mountain town Buena Vista, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It was a full moon and even though it was late, the light of the moon lit up the landscape in a very special way. When I noticed this old car I right way fell in love with it. I imagined how hard it had worked on the ranch, where it was now resting. This is an iconic image of the pioneering heroes in America, and no, they weren’t all humans.

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This picture is available as Colorado wall art on canvas print, in different sizes and finishings. You can order it as a beautiful stretched canvas print that needs no framing. Or buy a metallic print with a smooth, modernistic look. Or select a fine art poster print that you can frame according to your own preference. We offer long lasting high quality printing, deep colors, secure payment, fast shipping and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Photographed by nature photographer David Sorensen.

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