PINK FLOWER WALL ART – Canvas Print Of Pink Poppy

pink flower wall art decor canvas
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Bring paradise into your home!

What is stretched canvas?

Stretched canvas print needs no framing and is ready to hang. The image is printed on strong, durable canvas which is stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. The result is a beautiful work of art that looks like a painting but with the sharpness, colors and detail of professional photography.

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“I am very pleased with the canvas. It exudes peace, light and beauty. Your service and attention to satisfy your clients is exceptional.”

- Vicky Hurlbut, USA



“Having this canvas print on my wall is like looking at the most glorious view outside, through a window.”

- Veronica Wilson, United Kingdom



“I bought two prints which I’m so happy with, that I’m buying a third print, because they are so beautiful!!! ❤️”

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“The canvas prints are absolutely perfect and look sharp, colorful and amazing! Really enjoy it. Thank you!”

- Jonathan Rohrlach, Australia

Pink Flower Wall Art

Pink flower wall art showing a beautiful picture of a glorious poppy flower

This pink flower wall art reminds me of the following: have you ever walked in an art gallery and wondered why people make such ugly stuff, and call it ‘art’? I sure have and it has puzzled me. In fact it can be quite hard to find art that will be considered truly beautiful by most people. Some may argue that art doesn’t need to be pretty, because it expresses the feelings of the artist. Agreed. But personally I would rather have something really inspiring in my living room, than something that makes me feel depressed.

The unsurpassed beauty of flowers

Being a man it can be surprising for some that I have fallen in love with flowers. Shouldn’t every man be cool and drink beer all day long, while cursing at everything he comes across? I don’t think so. Many of the worlds finest souls, with a deep sensitivity, were men. Think of King David in the book of Psalms, from the Bible. He was both a fierce warrior and a tender poet. He expressed his emotions in ways many women aren’t even capable of. Having an eye for true beauty is not linked to our gender. It is a God-given ability.

Pink flower wall art inspires artists

This flower wall decor of a pink poppy reveals to me a royal majesty, that is hard to come by. But you gotta have eyes to notice it. Many people would say: that’s a pink flower. But I see so much more. I see a n expression of majesty, that most kings and queens lack. It reminds me of what Jesus said: ‘Look at the lilies in the field. Not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.’ (Matthew 6:29)

Our flower wall art is available in different sizes and finishings. High quality printing, deep colors, secure payment, fast shipping and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Photographed by nature photographer David Sorensen.

Bring paradise into your home with this flower wall art! 

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