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Bring paradise into your home!

What is stretched canvas?

Stretched canvas print needs no framing and is ready to hang. The image is printed on strong, durable canvas which is stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. The result is a beautiful work of art that looks like a painting but with the sharpness, colors and detail of professional photography.

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Tree Branch Wall Art

Tree branch wall art showing beautiful green leaves, illuminated by bright sun rays.  

This beautiful tree branch wall art shows us just how amazing branches and leaves actually are. We see them all around us, however few people notice the sheer splendor of them. Especially when the sun hits them from behind, they lit up in a spectacular way. Tree branches with their leaves are a powerful expression of new life, hope, breakthrough and new beginnings. We all know how trees look during winter: baren, lifeless, seemingly dead. Underneath the surface however a miracle takes place. New shoots come forth, that grow into branches and millions of fresh leaves appear.

How this tree branch wall art came about

As a nature photographer it is my greatest joy to roam the woods, looking for special scenes. Sometimes it can be a lone tree that catches my eye, or a unique way the light shines on something. One day I was walking through the forest of the Veluwe, a gorgeous nature reserve in the Netherlands. It was early spring and the first new leaves were starting to appear. All of a sudden my attention was captured by tiny tree branches, hanging low in the sunlight. The colors overwhelmed me. It was as if I was looking at a living work of art. Luckily I was carrying my Canon 70-200mm lens with large aperture, so I was able to blur out the background and bring the beautiful branches into focus. The result is a stunning piece of tree branch wall art.

The beauty of tree branches and leaves

At that time I wasn’t thinking of turning this gorgeous photograph into any type of home decor. I was simply enjoying myself, in God’s glorious creation. This is what I love to do more than anything else: spend time in the outdoors, basking in the abundance of life all around me. Being in nature gives us so much peace and refreshment. This has even be proven by science. However not all of us are able to spend a lot of time in the woods. That’s where tree wall art can help. We can bring the beauty of nature inside our living room and office! Simply seeing this amazing beauty has a very uplifting effect.

This wall art is available in different sizes and finishings. High quality printing, deep colors, secure payment, fast shipping and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Photographed by nature photographer David Sorensen.

Bring paradise into your home with this tree branch wall art! 

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