Overcome Challenging Times Through Prayer And Christian Wall Decor

Paradise canvas prints through evocative Christian wall decor make profound statements that demonstrate the everlasting power of sincere prayer.  David Sorensen employs the use of different Christian wall art to show the special place God preserves for each and every one of us in a unique relationship with Him. Without applying words, the magnificent Christian […]

Christian wall art decor - Prayer changes everything

Paradise canvas prints through evocative Christian wall decor make profound statements that demonstrate the everlasting power of sincere prayer.  David Sorensen employs the use of different Christian wall art to show the special place God preserves for each and every one of us in a unique relationship with Him.

Without applying words, the magnificent Christian wall decor he makes intensely portray the greatness of God. For instance, even if you do not enjoy reading the Bible, you can still learn a lot about the love of God from the creative artwork.

You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius once said.

You should not allow life’s failures and frustrations to intimidate you. The trials you encounter are not meant to make your life meaningless, rather, from a Biblical perspective, they are meant to point your conscience towards God because He intends you to enjoy life, not to endure it.

In all Godly living there should be laughter and fun but not crying and sorrow.

At every moment of your life, you should nourish a longing for spiritual strength. However, the power to overcome the frightening challenges life throws your way can only be drawn from one source – SINCERE PRAYER. As Gordon B. Hinckley once said, “all the people who always move forward with a happy Godly spirit will discover that things work out well for them.”

Don’t you have a longing to have your entire life work out well for you? Try prayer and you will find an everlasting spring that constantly refreshes and nourishes your strength in everything you do. The following Bible verses can help you to get started.

Nehemiah 8:10:               ”Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Psalm 46:1-3:                    “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. …”

Proverbs 18:10:                “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.”


Christian wall decor art - I will pour out My Spirit

When we turn to the Lord in our times of trouble and at all times, we not only find comfort and safety, but we also get assurance that there is someone… a powerful force beyond anything you can ever imagine on earth that will protect us when we call upon Him.

Indeed, there is strength in the Christian wall decor that can specifically focus your intellect in pursuit of a nobler and a higher experience of God’s tender care. You need not waste precious moments searching for inner peace in your possessions and in your relationships with other human beings. Neither should you look for joyous satisfaction, in your job, in the wealth you have accumulated nor in what constitutes your worldly achievements.

All those are transient and count for nothing in the absence of the inner comfort that only God’s love can bring. But to qualify for the all-embracing love, you need to constantly meditate upon the word of God. Without God, life is meaningless.

The Spiritual Power Contained In Creative Canvas Prints

There are millions of people around the world who have confessed how deeply they were moved to begin seriously thinking about God when they first encountered Sorensen’s religious Christian wall decor prints. Their imagination was gripped by the creative visuals in ways that deeply touched their hearts. They were hit hard by the motivational clarity of the Biblical truths about God they had till then found puzzling. Soon after they formed a bonding relationship with the images on paradise canvas prints that set a series of gradual spiritual transformations in their lives.


Christian wall art - Jesus Almighty Lord

How Christian Wall Art Conveys God’s Power

It is almost miraculous to feel God’s power captured in paradise canvas prints depicting His eternal mercy, grace, forgiveness and love. You too can experience similar transformation if only you can take a moment to contemplate the awesome spiritual force that Christian wall decor imparts.

By purchasing these Christian wall art, you will get the chance to come into contact with the amazing grace flowing from God.

There is goodness in every human being. All that is needed is something to trigger it into force- meditation and sincere prayer will make you overcome your vilest inclinations. Through the ages a greater portion of humanity has questioned the validity of prayer in helping them to overcome life’s challenges. The majority seldom utter a word of prayer. They have no use for God despite the fact that everything surrounding them points to a benevolent being who controls the destiny of the universe.

For many of us, it is only when the agonizing consequences of living a sinful and prayerless life become perplexing that we become curious. You then start wondering whether there really is a God! But unknown to you, the more you persist in doubting and rejecting God, the more your life’s circumstances become painfully unbearable.

In a series of continuing episodes, I’ll invite you to share in my life’s painful story and how after many years of psychological agony I have come to realize that persistence in sin destroys the human spirit, but consistent prayer restores a sense of purposeful living. This episode happened last year.

Christian wall art - God's love for you is overwhelmingReflections About My War With God and My Mama Episode 1

For the last 31 years, I have been in bondage, enslaved and chained in Satan’s diabolic realm. But today, at 6.00 am I managed to break one link in this chain. It is said that a chain is only as strong as the weakest link…well, through the grace of God, I discovered the weakest link in Satan’s chain and I broke it.

Throughout last week, I was involved in the activities going on at Kibaga Seventh Day Adventist Church camp meeting. During this period, I made a resolve…to live or to die. My lifestyle was surely leading me to the grave.  I chose life and prayed earnestly to God to help me quit drinking.

Fast forward to today Sunday 31st-July-2016 at six in the morning, I fumbled with the radio next to my bed, searching for a station to listen to music. My fingers stopped at a station…Family radio 316. I listened; entranced, warm, sweet joy bubbling within my heart to the soft sacred melodies oozing from the speakers…then there was a prayer…

“If you are listening to this prayer, raise your hand and pray with me,” said the announcer. I did not raise my hand because I was swathed and tucked deep within my warm blankets, but I said, “God I am not raising my hand, but I am praying too.”

Then the preacher said, “Say the words of this prayer after me…” I cannot remember the words of the whole prayer, but this sentence wrapped itself around my heart. “God, cleanse anything you don’t like in my life and show me the purpose for which you created me.”

On the previous evening, immediately after the camp meeting, I had gone to a shop where I bought three sachets of coffee and three sticks of cigarettes. While I was doing this, the shop keeper, a lady who was in church earlier in the day asked me thus, “Tom, just a few minutes ago you stood before the congregation and pledged to offer your life to Jesus, now why are you buying cigarettes?”

I smiled and answered, “These three will be my last then I will quit for good.”

Now, this is one delusion that Satan has used to keep me chained at his feet for almost 30 years! Whenever I have made a resolve to quit, I have always told myself, “Tom this is my last cigarette,” then I light up and puff away my life.

But I have hardly ever managed to quit. The last cigarette always happens to be just a stop-gap measure; actually it is always the first in a fresh cloud of smoke. So last night I smoked two sticks and a cup of coffee. I preserved one stick for when I will wake up, telling myself as usual that, “and this will be my last cigarette…”

Now, when I said the words of the prayer… “God, cleanse anything you don’t like in my life and show me the purpose for which you created me…” a mysterious power I could not resist forced me to suddenly bolt out of bed. I headed straight the room I use as my kitchen, picked up the one remaining cigarette and dashed straight to my chamber pot.

Yes, I use a chamber pot for long calls in my house in case I do not want to go to the latrine. If you are wondering what a chamber pot means, its modern equivalent is a potty. Wait a minute, my potty or chamber pot is not the sort your baby uses…no, no…mine is an improvised 3 kg white plastic Kasuku container. I usually pour scented water into it to camouflage the stench. After relieving myself, I do cover it securely with a plastic trough and dispose the content in the morning.

This morning, I matched straight to the corner where I do place it, bitter tears scalding down my cheeks, waves of pain rippling in my chest as I tore the cigarette into little pieces. I said, “Cigarettes I am done with you…out of my life,” and dumped the broken pieces into the filth.

I decisively covered the chamber pot. Instantly I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity. This was immediately followed by a sense of unfathomable joy. I knew that God had finally answered my prayer after 31 years of trying and miserably failing to quit smoking cigarettes. Then I said, Lord, now I am free…I wanted to jump up and shout in joy…God, victory is here at last…God I have won…I experienced a kind of ecstasy and inner peace that I cannot describe here…I felt like a new born baby.

“If God is on my side, who or what can be against me?” This line I first came across in Norman Vincent Peal’s book, “The Power of Positive Thinking…” played a sonorous melody of freedom in my mind…freedom from servitude and bondage in Satan’s domain.

I then decided that henceforth, my litany or mantra in life will be this… “Lord, I have one last dream…to serve and work for you with all my heart, my soul, my strength and my wealth…But Lord, should my heart and my flesh fail, Lord, you will always remain the strength of my heart and my portion for ever and ever…therefore Lord, I have just one desire left…that whenever and however I die, my Lord lift me up and place me on your right hand side, then adorn my head with the glittering crown of righteousness and eternity. AMEN





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