The 5 Best Wall Art Above Couch Ideas In 2023

Hanging wall art above your sofa may seem like a simple enough task, but with the proper guidance, you can transform your above couch space from simply decorated to truly refined! The empty space above your sofa is a prime spot for hanging incredible pieces of artwork to bring a homey, put-together feel to your decor.

5 Inspiring Above Couch Ideas For Your Living Space

You can explore a vibrant collection of unique nature art pieces to brighten up your living room at the Paradise Canvas Prints website. With the right artwork, you can bring your decor to life.

Discover high-quality nature photography that ignites joy and calms the soul. Proudly hang outstanding forest art prints and wildlife portraits in your living room with these creative sofa wall art ideas!

1. Hang Cozy Above Couch Floating Shelves

For a cozy decorative flair, try installing rustic floating shelves above your couch to place your wall art and other various trinkets. Give your home an inviting, casual feel by leaning your art print against the wall on your delicate floating shelf. Place a smaller frame before a large painting to create fascinating visual dimensions.

You can get truly creative with your home decor! Hang your floating shelves at eye level for the best visual aesthetics, or move towards an asymmetrical arrangement for a less traditional look. Combine your shelves with additional fixtures, mirrors, and artwork for a gorgeous eclectic style to your interior!

Installing shelves above your sofa is also a convenient way of changing up your decor throughout the seasons. Since you are not dedicating the space to one art piece, you can effortlessly take it down and put up different prints on your shelf to match the occasion!

2. Display A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an excellent design choice for those that lean towards a more maximalist style. For a truly eye-catching centerpiece to your room, arrange framed pictures of different sizes and designs on your wall. This is a fantastic way of bringing multiple smaller pieces into your wall decor without them looking lost or randomly placed.

While gallery walls are perfect for those who have connected to multiple prints, it is important to consider the layout of your display. Your gallery wall arrangement will act as a single unit to prevent it from looking too busy, with the center of your piece hanging at eye level.

Plan out your gallery wall by placing your arrangement on the floor before you hang it on the wall. Play around with different layouts until you find one that satisfies you. Use contrasting frames with interesting textures to create a contemporary focal point for your living space!

3. Bold Wall Art To Make A Statement

Large wall space above your sofa is the ideal opportunity to hang a daring art piece in your living room. Browse a collection of energy-infused nature wall art on the Paradise Canvas Prints website to revitalize your lounge.

Quality landscape photography brings a healing window into the natural world for those often trapped behind closed doors. With custom sizing available for every need, you can opt for a large nature wall art print to make a bold statement rich in color and self-expression.

When hanging one piece of artwork on your wall, you want to maximize its impact. Bold artwork bounces off the wall and is impossible to ignore. Hang striking, oversized wall art in your living room for decor that leaves a lasting impression.

4. Accompany Wall Art With Mirrors

Mirrors and artwork are the core elements of powerful wall decor. Decorating your living space with a large mirror is a popular choice and sits particularly well above your couch or mantel- much like large art pieces.

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger, brighter space. The reflection of natural light gives your room a warmer appearance and makes a visually appealing addition to your artwork. Reflect light by placing mirrors near a window to elevate the presence of your central sofa wall art.

5. Hang A Coordinating Collection Of Large Artwork

Hanging a collection of large art pieces above your sofa fosters a modern elegance for your interior. Create balance by selecting coordinating pieces that bring harmony to your decor. Find beautiful nature pieces that fit together seamlessly with Paradise Canvas Prints, and hang them symmetrically on your wall for a refined appeal.

You can choose to hang 3-4 large art prints on your wall or arrange smaller pieces in a smart grid formation. To prevent your space from appearing too crowded, ensure the width of your artwork is no larger than the width of your sofa.

Choose The Best Wall Art To Place Above Your Couch

Design the finest artwork displays for your space using a collection of exquisite nature living room wall art. Spend time exploring the incredible photography pieces available with Paradise Canvas Prints and purchase soothing scenes captured in nature for your home. Using our creative above couch ideas as inspiration, you can successfully arrange your wall hangings to design a gorgeous centerpiece for your living room decor!

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