Top Themes for Large Contemporary Wall Art

Large-scale contemporary wall art is perfect for people looking to freshen up their space, while adding character and modern style. Whether you prefer a botanical aesthetic or enjoy wildlife decor, there are many unique themes of contemporary wall art suited to all kinds of tastes.

Keep reading to discover what contemporary art is, explore some popular examples of contemporary art, and understand the benefits of incorporating large-scale contemporary art in your space.

Top 3 Contemporary Wall Art Themes:

Whether you are decorating your home, business, or office space, contemporary artwork can beautifully fit into any room and match any existing interior. If you wish to achieve a modern aesthetic, but don't know where to start, explore the following most popular themes of modern art:

1.  Contemporary Landscape Wall Art

Large-scale contemporary landscape art is perfect for spaces that lack windows, as it can effectively create the illusion of open space, and transport you into the depths of magical natural scenery. This won't just spruce up your interior, but will also encourage tranquility and comfort, enabling you to find easement and relaxation.

Here are some top examples of contemporary landscape artwork:

  • Fall Colors of Aspen Trees in Mountains: This mesmerizing canvas print depicts a majestic view of mountains and vibrant valleys framed by the autumnal leaves of surrounding trees.
  • Yellow Storm Sky: This abundantly vibrant canvas showcases a surreal contrast between a glowing golden sky and lush greenery, making it great for anyone who wishes to add an eye-catching pop of color to their interior.
  • Orchard Cherry Blossoms: This canvas portrays a perfectly symmetrical arrangement of romantic cherry blossom trees on either side of a flourishing grassy pathway. When printed large, this stunning piece can add depth and elegance to your interior.

2.  Contemporary Flowers Wall Art

While floral elements are commonly located in traditional artwork, it is also present in many contemporary pieces. Contemporary floral art can come in many styles, including abstract and close-up, and many colors, depending on the species of flower being depicted.

When presented on a large canvas, you can see the tiny details of flowers that make them unique and equally magical. Below are a few examples of modern flower art:

  • Pink Poppy Flower Close-Up: This extreme close-up shot of a vibrant pink poppy flower will add a burst of color to your interior while also inviting a serene atmosphere into your space.
  • Sunset Wildflowers: This unique canvas depicts natural sunlight acting as a spotlight that is illuminating a field of wildflowers. This artwork embodies out-of-focus framing, a staple element of contemporary photography, to create a soft and relaxing image.
  • Daisy Blue Sky: While traditional floral art often depicts an arrangement or field of flowers, this canvas adopts a modern and minimalistic approach.

Framed to showcase the clear blue sky as an open backdrop, this art piece embraces the beauty of simplicity, offering a refined decorative statement that draws all your focus to a singular white daisy.

3.  Contemporary Wildlife Wall Art

Contemporary wildlife art presents animals and insects in a new light, through experimental angles and abstract color compositions.

This form of art is perfect for animal lovers seeking an alternative depiction of nature's most stunning creatures. Here are some excellent examples of contemporary wildlife art:

  • Flying Heron: In this canvas, the image focuses solely on the angelic soaring bird, to a degree where the natural landscape behind has become an abstract backdrop. This draws all your attention to the bird, while creating a dreamy composition of earthy tones in the background.
  • Black Swan Art: While traditional art often displays typical colors seen throughout nature, this enchanting canvas showcases a captivating emerald hue over a gorgeous image of a lone black swan gliding through a calm lake.

Beautiful Horse Print: Horses are traditionally depicted galloping through fields or grazing in their paddocks. However, this unique print showcases horses in a different light, portraying an up-close image of an elegant wild horse.

5 Benefits of Having Large-Scale Contemporary Art in Your Interior

Contemporary artwork can both improve your interior and the atmosphere of your space, encouraging a comforting and beautiful interior. Here are some of the leading reasons people opt for oversized wall art in their homes and workplaces:

  1. It's a beginner-friendly and uncomplicated solution to interior decor.
  2. It can instantly uplift your interior aesthetic.
  3. Encourages mental wellness, such as happiness and comfort.
  4. Creates a clear focal point, enabling you to create an eye-catching statement.
  5. It showcases the finer details within the art, enabling yourself and guests to fully appreciate the beautiful art presented on your canvas.

How to Personalize Your Large Contemporary Artwork With Paradise Canvas Prints

At Paradise Canvas Prints, you have the freedom of customizing your order from any canvas print collection. Here's how you can add your own personal twist to your contemporary art purchase:

  • Choose your preferred frame (including oak, silver, and white).
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  • Choose between two high-quality finishes: canvas and metal.

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