What Is Animal Symbolism in Christian Canvas Wall Art?

Christian art has been revered for its spectacular ability to portray profound symbolic messages and religious teachings. Animals located in Christian art often encompass significant symbolism which draws focus to a multitude of biblical narratives, virtues, and spiritual concepts.

In this article, we explore common forms of animal symbolism in Christian art, unveil the benefits of owning Christian wall art, and provide inspiration to help you adorn your space with the Lord’s Light. Read on to find out more…

5 Animals in Christian Art & What They Symbolize

There are many animals present in Christian wall art which each present their own unique symbolization. Below, we detail five animals prominent in spiritual artwork, alongside their symbolic meanings: 

1.  The Lion 

The lion is among the most prominent animals found in Christian art. Lions are usually associated with Jesus Christ, who is biblically referred to as the ‘Lion of Judah’ (Revelation 5:5). This creature's powerful presence often signifies Christ's sovereignty, courage, leadership, and resilience. 

The Roaring Lion of Judah canvas is a superb example of how the lion can be incorporated to create majestic and impactful Christian wall decor. 

2.  The Eagle

When included in Christian decor, the eagle often depicts resurrection, divine protection, and strength. This animal is commonly associated with the Lord’s eternal faithfulness and ability to ‘renew our strength’ (Isiah 40:31).  The eagle can also symbolize souls of the fallen being carried to heaven. 

The On Eagles Wings canvas is a powerful form of Christian artwork which elegantly emphasizes the well known biblical scripture ‘Those that wait on the Lord, will mountains up with wings as eagles’ (Isiah 40:31). 

3.  The Dove

In Christianity, the dove is a powerful symbol that signifies purity and eternal peace. The dove also signifies the divine guidance and omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. In the bible, the dove is tethered to the baptism of Jesus Christ, where the ‘Spirit of God descend[ed] like a dove coming upon him’ (Matthew 3:16).  

The mesmerizing I Will Pour Out My Spirit canvas is a breathtaking piece which displays the hands of God, pouring His sacred spirit across our Earth to guide us and provide us with strength.

4.  The Lamb

The lamb is another common animal found in Christian artwork. In Christianity, this sweet creature represents innocence, sacrifice, and purity. 

In the bible, the lamb is referred to as ‘The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’ (John 1:29), signifying this animal to be a sacrificial emblem that relieves us of sin. The lamb may also reflect the selfless sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity.  

The Behold The Lamb of God canvas is a vibrant piece that evokes the magnificent and noble spirit of Jesus Christ.  

5.  The Fish 

The fish are extremely significant symbols in Christianity. They signify nourishment, abundance, and miracle. In the bible, fish are mentioned during the fifth day of creation as living creatures within the sea, and on the sixth day they are named as God’s creation. (Genesis 1:1-2:4). 

In this respect, the fish resemble the Lord’s work, presenting an affinity for Christianity and faith.    

The Benefits of Christian Canvas Wall Art 

Christian wall art can serve your space beyond decoration. It can inspire you, enlighten your spirit, and create a sacred atmosphere within your home, workplace, and place of worship. Below, we explore some of the many benefits of inviting religious wall art into your interior:

Offers Comfort & Encouragement:

Holy Spirit art can provide you with solace and the strength to go on during challenging times. It evokes the comforting spirit of our Lord and Savior, reminding us of God’s eternal love.


Improves Your Interior Aesthetic:

Christian wall decor won’t just better your spiritual wellness, it will also improve your overall interior and enhance the ambiance of your space. Because there’s such a vast expanse of spiritual decor available, you will have no trouble finding Christian artwork that harmoniously fits into your interior aesthetic. 

Encourages Worship: 

Surrounding yourself with Christian wall decor will transform your interior into a sacred space and foster a religious atmosphere of worship and spiritual reflection. 

Whether you incorporate wall hangings with bible verses, prayer artwork, or religious canvas paintings, Christian artworks can inspire meditation and invite contemplation of religious teachings.

Acts As a Visual Reminder of Faith:

When life gets busy and complicated, we may stray away from our Christianity. Having spiritual wall art around your place of worship, home, or workplace can provide a constant reminder of God’s omnipotent force, and encourage you to focus on your spirituality and strengthen your connection with the Lord. 

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