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Beautiful nature canvas prints for your home and office!

ornament Our nature canvas prints bring the beauty of paradise into your home.
Treat yourself or your beloved ones with a breathtakingly beautiful piece of wall art.

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Christian wall art with the expression of God’s overwhelming love for us can be very encouraging and inspring. Discover the unique collection of Christian wall decor designed by David Sorensen and experience more of God’s wonderful goodness and mercy in your daily life.

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veronica stars-150 “Having this canvas print on my wall is like looking at the most glorious view outside, through a window.”

Veronica, UK
jonathan stars-150 “The canvas prints are absolutely perfect and look sharp, colorful and amazing! Really enjoy it. Thank you!”

Jonathan, Australia
Alyssa stars-150 “I bought two prints which I’m so happy with, that I’m buying a third print, because they are so beautiful!”

Alyssa, USA

Do nature canvas prints make you happier?

living room wall art

Science proves that seeing the beauty of nature has a healing effect on us. That’s why many hospitals and hotels decorate their walls with beautiful nature images, to help their guests feel more relaxed and positive. The beauty of nature relieves stress and gives mental strength and hope.

It’s not always possible to spend a lot of time in the wonderful outdoors. But the wall art of Paradise Canvas Prints helps you experience the beauty of nature wherever you are, every day of your life.

Why I make nature canvas prints

David Sorensen

There is a very personal reason why I started making this unique collection of nature canvas prints.

In the year 2005 I was so overworked, that my body couldn’t sleep anymore due to extreme exhaustion. That was the beginning of a very difficult time in my life, but it was also the start of one of the greatest discoveries I ever did.

After struggling with the sleeping disorder for about a year, I discovered that spending time in nature had a very soothing, refreshing effect on me. I bought professional equipment for nature photography and started taking thousands of pictures of the incredible diversity of beauty I saw in nature.

Suddenly I realized that we are all surrounded by the most inspiring beauty we can ever imagine. Even in the city we can find the majesty of God‘s creation all around us, in parks and gardens.

Enjoying this vast open air exhibition of endless beauty had a profound healing effect on me. It helped me overcome feelings of depression and despair and it gave me joy, rest and enjoyment of life. 

After a while I started realizing that one of the reasons for my sleeping discovers was that I had spent too much time behind a computer and not enough time in nature, where we originally belong. It dawned on me that mankind was originally destined to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, that inspires us and ignites our own creativity. It gives us a sense of rest, freedom, life and so much more.

It is then that I decided to bring the healing beauty of nature more into the lives of other people. First I published a nature photography book, that sold ten thousand copies. But I wanted to bring nature’s majesty into peoples lives in a more lasting way.  Creating a beautiful interior collection is the perfect way to do this.

When you hang a large nature canvas print in your living room, bedroom or office, you can see it every day, and the positive influence of it can be life long.

That’s how Paradise Canvas Prints came into being, to help people enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature much more, so we suffer less from stress that comes from being too far away from paradise.

I hope you will enjoy this unique collection of nature wall art. It takes a little investment, but the enjoyment of it is worth far more.

I believe this nature wall art is also perfect as a high quality, precious gift for a beloved one.

Enjoy it!

David Sorensen
Photographer vicky

“I am very pleased with the canvas. It exudes peace, light and beauty. Your service and attention to satisfy your clients is exceptional.”

– Vicky Hurlbut, USA

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